Welcome to the Roman Catholic Community of Attleboro!


          We hope you will find a comfortable place to worship, celebrate and find Christ’s presence alive among us. Our weekly parish bulletin will provide you with a wealth of information about Mass times, meetings, phone numbers and many parish happenings. Please take a copy home to reference during the week.  Also please note:  Our Catholic Community is currently in transitioning our media structure.  Therefore, this site is currently under construction.  

         Saint Vincent de Paul Parish is one of our two active parishes in central Attleboro. Our other parishes is Saint John the Evangelist Church. A links to this parish is found on this site HERE.  We ask you to choose one parish as your “home base.” This is the Parish where you will be officially registered and will receive budget envelopes.  With our varied Mass times among the two churches, you will be able to find a time that works best for you and your family.  You are most welcome at any of the churches at any time, and we encourage you to become involved and participate fully in all our parishes have to offer. There are many ways to participate in our active parish life. We hope you will find a group to join as it is through these groups that you begin to feel a sense of belonging and will truly feel part of the “family.”

We hope you will feel welcome and enjoy being part of our Catholic community. We are glad to have you join us!

Our Mission

"We, the Catholic community of SVdP, are a family made up of many nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.  Following our patron as disciples of Christ, we profess our faith openly and proudly to teach and serve all people in our community, especially the poor and the marginalized, in order to experience Christ's body and worship Him."


Rosary Prayer Group: 6:30PM, 1st & 3rd Thursday every month at the St. John's Hospitality Center

Spanish Prayer Group: Thursdays at 7pm




Monday – St. John’s Church
Tuesday – St. Vincent’s Church
Wednesday – NO MASS
Thursday – St. John’s Church
Friday – St. Vincent’s Church
Saturday – St. Vincent’s Church

Saturday – 4PM Mass – St. John’s Church

Sunday -8AM & 10AM Mass – St. John’s Church

               -11:30 AM – St. Vincent’s Church
               -1PM Mass (Spanish) – St. Vincent’s Church
               – 5:30 PM Mass – St. Vincent’s Church

Saturday – 3-3:45PM – St. John’s Church
Sunday - 4:30-5:15PM - St. Vincent's Church

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Phone:  508-226-1115

Fax:  888-239-9322


Mon.-Thurs. 8AM-4PM & Fri. 8AM-12PM
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