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**All post and inquiries are to be directed to the Parish Office.

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In order to provide continuing and efficient cemetery service for the present and future, plans have been formulated concerning the rules, regulations and fees at St. John's Cemetery.


These policies are adopted at this time in order that our cemeteries will not come to resemble many of the abandoned small cemeteries encountered along our countrysides. There have been many instances whereby, a family gives adequate care to a cemetery plot, but with the passing of time there comes a day when there is no one to assume this responsibility. There is also a maintenance of roads, records, trees, etc., that make for a well organized cemetery operation. Income is necessary to provide these services.


The income necessary to provide for these services come from interest realized from the cemetery Perpetual Care/Endowed Care Fund. This is a one time fee paid when a plot is purchased. This fund allows for the upkeep of the grounds indefinitely in the form of keeping the grass mowed, roads in good repair, and seeding and trimming.


These policies have been adopted solely for the intention of providing the cemetery with adequate income to provide dignified cemetery care not only for the present, but also the future. The common good of the cemetery necessitates this policy.



Rules & Regulations

The Rules and Regulations governing St. John's Cemetery are not made for the benefit of the cemetery management, nor are they intended to infringe upon the privileges of the lot owners, but they have been found necessary to maintain peace and order within the cemetery and to preserve and enhance the beauty of the cemetery grounds.


Due to ever changing conditions, the cemetery management must reserve the right from time to time to change these rules and regulations as well as its service charges. These changes apply automatically to all rights of burial…whether issued prior or subsequent to its adoption.


These rules and regulations are intended as guide lines, however, they must be very strictly adhered to...


To view the rules and regulations, click here.

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